iPhone SE Review

iPhone SE

After almost eight years together, myself and Android have gone our separate ways thanks to the iPhone SE.   Not even the commitment of our little Android Wear Moto 360 was enough to keep us together. For years I scoffed at people who spent top dollar on Apple technology when there was a far more affordable near equivalent that did nearly as good a job.  My resistance to Apple was gradually eroded over time. My iPad was followed by Apple TV then along came my Macbook Pro and now finally an iPhone SE. I haven’t succumbed to clever marketing. My choices have all been based firmly in satisfaction with product performance.

It’s now been a week since I picked up my silver (which should really be called white) 64GB iPhone SE, long enough to form an informed opinion on most features.

Set Up:

Switching from Android couldn’t be easier with Android to iOS App. Within a few minutes of powering up my iPhone SE I had transferred most of my apps and content from my MotoG. Anything worthwhile made the transition, almost intuitively, my new iPhone discarded the junk apps.

iOS 9:

Within a couple of hours I noticed something different about using my phone.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I went for a run. When I opened Apple Music I was pleasantly surprised when my chosen album played clearly through my bluetooth headphones.  There was no buffering, no intermittent sound and more importantly no crashing. It simply worked as intended. That’s how I’d summarise iOS in general. It may not allow as much customisation, or have as many frills but it works exactly as intended.

4 Inch Screen:

I opted for an iPhone SE intentionally. After almost two years with a 5 inch Moto G I found myself wanting a slightly neater phone. For me 4 inches is the goldilocks zone for phone screen size.

Battery Performance:

For my sins I have to use a Lumia Windows Phone by Nokia at work. As much as Windows Mobile OS drives me nuts on a daily basis, I’ve never experienced a smartphone that can run for almost 2 days on a single charge. iPhone SE does that and even more depending on your use. So far the longest I’ve gone without having to charge is 48 hours. The shortest after a day of heavy use was 14 hours.


For casual snaps you can’t fault the camera on iPhone SE. Combined with Snapseed for a quick filtering session I’ve gotten some decent results. The Auto HDR selection is pretty impressive especially in backlit selfies.  I still wouldn’t leave my camera at home if going somewhere important but I am enjoying taking more snaps and selfies than I ever have before on a phone.


The iPhone SE delivers what Apple do best, a reliably smooth, hassle free experience. As a life hacker always on the look out for a way of reducing daily stress, iPhone SE ticks many boxes. It delivers a smooth OS that is yet to stutter, stall or crash. It’s a powerful phone in a neat solid body that can run all day and night yet still have some juice left in the tank. My experience of Google has been better on iOS 9. Everything from Google App, Inbox to Playstand seem to run smoother than on my Moto G running Android Marshmallow.

The iPhone SE is a small phone that packs a big punch. In true Apple style it’s simple, slick and smooth. It just works!



Shane Cowley (Beyond The Hoverboard)

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