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UNU Swarm Intelligence

If you want to accurately predict the future forget flying DeLoreans and crystal balls. You need UNU, the Artificial Intelligence ‘Hive Mind’ that uses ‘swarm intelligence’ to answer questions that essentially predict the future. Before you dismiss this as bad science fiction, you should be aware that UNU recently correctly predicted the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place horses in the 2016 Kentucky Derby at odds of 540-1.  UNU also predicted 11 out of 15 winners at the 2016 Oscars.

Now that I have your attention watch this snappy little video to learn more about the concept behind combining the brain power of groups of people from around the world to gain a popular consensus on questions posed to UNU.

UNU is the brain child of the Silicon Valley startup Unanimous A.I. who believe in a relatively simple concept of 100 brains are better than 1. Like all new tech superstars UNU recently hosted a reddit AMA where users posed questions on everything from U.S. presidential race to Game of Thrones. Below are some of my favourite UNU predictions:

Hilary Clinton will be the next president of U.S.A and will select Goldman Sachs as her Vice President.

A great power war will erupt in the next 15 years.

Man will land on Mars within 30 years.

North Korea will not start a nuclear war, nor will Pakistan or India.

California will legalize the use of Marijuana this year.

Donald Trump will pick Chris Christie as his running mate.

Bernie Sanders will best lead the world in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

The present  really is getting more futuristic by the minute. As we witness the rise of Artificial Intelligence it is refreshing to see that there is still much to be accomplished by combining human minds via networks like UNU. Although in its infancy no doubt hive mind platforms like UNU will become commonplace and potentially even integrated into your phones virtual assistant. I’d happily bet money on references like “lets run this by the Swarm” could be pretty common place particularly in marketing and finance.

If you want to know whether your favourite team will win their next big match then add your brain to the swarm by signing up at :



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